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Saturday, June 02, 2012
Tags:   Home Prices On The Rise

According to the National Association of Realtors, home sales are up in the month of April and home prices are on the rise.  If you are interested in selling, now might be the time.  Your home could be worth more now than you think.  It would be wise to have a comparative market analysis done to find out.

Lawrence Yun, National Association of Realtors Chief Economist said the housing recovery is on it's way.  " It is no longer just the investors who are taking advantage of high affordability conditions."
Mr. Yun also states that in some areas it has even returned to become a sellers market.

Let's hope he's right!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009
Tags:   Miami Beach Real Estate, South Beach condos

Buying South Beach luxury condos in today’s market is a far cry from the days of yesteryear when one had to browse through newspapers or drive through a neighborhood in order to find a home.  Technology and the real estate market have evolved enough to the point where these aforementioned items are now options more than a necessity.

The internet allows potential buyers to explore thousands of listings by just typing a few things here and clicking a few options there.  What’s more, searches can be fine tuned to the point where one can narrow their search to a specific area and learn who is handling the sale of an interesting property.

Too much freedom does have its disadvantages.  Since there are thousands of listings available, this can become quite overwhelming for someone who’s just beginning to explore real estate.  Information can also be deceiving when exploring Miami Beach real estate listings.  A third bedroom in a neighborhood mostly consisting of two bedrooms could be something else entirely.  Strongly consider consulting a realtor when exploring homes and condos online.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Tags:   Miami Beach Real Estate, Miami Beach condos

Sellers who refuse to negotiate on price generally have a tougher time in today’s South Beach real estate market than another seller who chooses to compromise.  Buyers may not be out in droves but those that are—particularly those that are buying a home for the first time or are looking for a vacation condo—are usually ignoring the sticker price.  Hence, compromise has become virtually necessary to a seller’s success.

Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with the South Beach real estate market probably knows that condos tend to generally outnumber any kind of property and since the location is a favorite, many outsiders often begin their vacation condo search in South Beach as well as other popular areas like Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.  Recent numbers also show that in several cases where South Beach condos are being purchased for use as a second and/or vacation residence, buyers are negotiating prices that are well below what the seller was originally asking for.

Assuming you’re in the market for vacation condos in South Beach and have never embarked on such a purchase before, it may be to your benefit to stick to doing business with condo resellers than developers.  Chances are you’ll be able to get a better deal on a unit but do remember that the deal does not guarantee that tomorrow, the price could have gone lower due to fluctuating values.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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Last year, surging gas prices had many people trying to figure out how to lessen their commute or figuring out a way to work from home.  On top of trying to buy South Beach real estate, location played a major factor which forced many people to choose a location in the Miami Beach suburbs instead of the waterfront condo they were originally intending upon.

Gas prices have since tumbled but many people would still prefer not to have to drive at all if circumstances allowed for it.  This is where the growing trend of “live-work” residences might be of interest.  Instead of advertising rooms that can function as offices, live-work residences are constructed as homes with genuine offices built-in, custom shelves and high speed internet included.  Web designers, writers and pretty much anyone who has a job where they can work from home can benefit greatly from these types of homes.

There are numerous benefits in a “live-work” residence, the commute savings and reduced carbon footprint only being two of them.  Here in South Florida where getting anywhere within a reasonable amount of time requires vehicular travel, what are the odds of these types of homes becoming a popular buying option?

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Tags:   South Beach Real Estate, Miami Beach Real Estate

Of non-homeowners polled, an overwhelming majority felt that the reason they won't buy real estate in the next year is because it's too expensive. Even in the current real estate market with homes being less than half their value from only three years ago in some places, buyers still think homes are too expensive. Experts think that buyers (especially first time buyers) don't have an affordability problem as much as an "unrealistic standards" problem.

Most first time home buyers want a new home with multiple bedrooms in a good neighborhood. First time home buyers often fail to realize that their first home purchase should be a step to build on for a future real estate purchase. Many non-homeowners are spending equal amounts of money on rent that they would on a mediocre property. Looking for smaller homes and fixer-uppers is the best idea for a first time homebuyer. Finding a home with a low enough price that can be paid off in ten to twenty years is better than buying a home that is so expensive, it will take thirty years to pay off if the buyer can even afford the mortgage payments.

Recent surveys also show that a first time homebuyer's propensity for buying unaffordable homes may come from impulsiveness. The survey said that first time homebuyers usually look at five to ten homes before making a decision to purchase. Learned buyers usually look at fifteen to twenty homes before making a decision. The excitement built around buying a first home seems to cloud the judgment of first time homebuyers forcing them into tight situations.

A recent trend with home buyers is that they are seeking larger homes; the problem with this is that larger homes come with a larger price tag. The modern consumer needs to adapt to the market, larger homes are not affordable to first time buyers and they need to make due with smaller properties.

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Tags:   Miami Beach Condo, Miami Beach Real Estate

The Fontainebleau announced plans to reopen its doors Friday November 14th in a lavish opening ceremony. The Miami Beach condo-resort’s long awaited reopening has created a media frenzy and reenergized the condo market.

Renowned both locally and nationally for being a Miami Beach real estate landmark, The Fontainebleau set the standard for South Florida condo luxury for many years. Built in 1954 this luxury Miami Beach condo-resort has played host to a long list of celebrities and other high-profile figures. The Fontainebleau also made appearances on the big screen in movies like the James Bond film “Goldfinger”, the Jerry Lewis film “The Bellboy” and the Al Pacino film “Scarface”.

The luxury resort-condo underwent three years of renovation costing over $500 million dollars to bring it up to modern day ultra-luxury standards. Their features now include a total of 1,504 luxury suites, eleven restaurants, two nightclubs, 40,000 square-foot spa and free-form pool. Each individual luxury unit features flat screen panel televisions, marble bathrooms, granite countertops, oversized jetted tubs, walk-in closets and an iMac. Their spacious balconies offer views of the Atlantic Ocean, South Beach, Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami.

The opening ceremony itself cost a total of $5 million dollars and will be an entire weekend of events. Things kick-off Friday with a V.I.P. ribbon cutting ceremony. Activities heat-up Saturday with a Victoria Secret’s fashion show and the famous Miami Beach condo-resort officially opens to the public on Sunday.

Though The Fontainebleau opens up at a time when the South Florida economy is on a downward trend, it’s symbolic of the style and pizzazz that continues to draw people form around the world to beautiful Miami Beach. The Fontainebleau has been in Miami Beach through its real estate and tourism ups and downs which is a testament to the endurance of Miami Beach’s real estate demand.

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