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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
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Last year, surging gas prices had many people trying to figure out how to lessen their commute or figuring out a way to work from home.  On top of trying to buy South Beach real estate, location played a major factor which forced many people to choose a location in the Miami Beach suburbs instead of the waterfront condo they were originally intending upon.

Gas prices have since tumbled but many people would still prefer not to have to drive at all if circumstances allowed for it.  This is where the growing trend of “live-work” residences might be of interest.  Instead of advertising rooms that can function as offices, live-work residences are constructed as homes with genuine offices built-in, custom shelves and high speed internet included.  Web designers, writers and pretty much anyone who has a job where they can work from home can benefit greatly from these types of homes.

There are numerous benefits in a “live-work” residence, the commute savings and reduced carbon footprint only being two of them.  Here in South Florida where getting anywhere within a reasonable amount of time requires vehicular travel, what are the odds of these types of homes becoming a popular buying option?

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